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Two Nigerians Feasts Over The South African Female Job Seeker

It is the south africans and the foreigners again,the massive outcry from the south african masses about the behaviour of some of the foreign nations seems to have fallen into the deaf ears of the government officials.The fact that there've been number of foreign nationals who have been found to be involved in the very serious crimes in south africa doesn't sit well with the south africans.The south africans feels like the government doesn't care about them and exposing them to a very dangerous foreign people by letting the borders lose.The foreign nationals infested south africa is sinking under pressure inflicted by the undocumented people.As much as the country is systematically drowning in the unemployment bath,many citizens are falling for the job scams and ultimately falls the victims of a very serious crimes.One woman was invited to the fake job interview,the woman attended the interview but never came back for four days.The family reported her to the police and she was declared missing.According to one of the family members,the 35 years old mother of three was picked up by one woman who claimed that she's taking her to the job interview,she was dropped in the unknown and unoccupied house.It has been reported that one guy got into the house and ordered the woman to undress and began feasting over her for almost two days.The other man came on the third day and did the same thing to the poor woman,the suspects are reported to be the Nigerian nationals.The whole mother of three who's desperately looking for a job to take care of her children was subjected to this painful offence by the people who initially promised her a job.What basically happened here is that the woman had sold and betrayed another woman to the cruel men.It is even more disappointing when the women are facilitating the victimization of other women.

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