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Allegedly Coffins of 19 teenagers who died at Enyobeni were empty inside, without bodies yesterday

Yesterday on the 6th of July 2022, many people in Eastern Cape province, family and friends of 21 teenagers who lost their lives last month at the tavern were gathered in one place to pay their last respect to these teenagers before they got buried.

Those teenagers lost their lives at the tavern known as Enyobeni in East London. Twenty one coffins were paraded to the event center and as per norm, many thought that all those twenty one coffins are carrying bodies of those teenagers.

Allegedly, all those 21 coffins were empty, without any body inside and many people are now asking why did they even took coffins to the event center instead of just having memorial service.

Apparently the parents of those kids didn't want the bodies to go up and down, saying that they want to mourn properly and it is then after that service, they went to funeral to pick up the bodies and bury them themselves.

Some are saying it was an evil things to bring all those coffins while they are empty and pretend to be a pure funeral while government knows exactly that the coffins are empty.


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