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He Cheated On A Nurse and She did this to him When he Goes to Hospital


The number of complaints regarding how nasty and abusive nurses are towards their patients has increased dramatically. They always yell at them and speak to them in a nasty manner, knowing full well that there is nothing they can do because they require assistance. The fact that many people despise public hospitals is one of the factors contributing to their disdain. Some even go on to state that it's similar to what they experienced in the nursing study and that they are prepared to be aggressive and harsh themselves.

There has been a sensitive photo of a young man with a very serious wound stitch on his face, which was supposedly stitched by his baby mama, with whom they had a falling out before the photo was released. According to the allegations, this man cheated on his baby mother, and the two of them parted ways because the baby mama no longer wanted him around anymore. The baby's mother works as a nurse at a certain hospital. Eventually, the gentleman got engaged in a horrific vehicle accident and was brought to the hospital. It just so happened that the nurse who had to take care of his wound happened to be his baby mom, with whom he had a fight after he cheated. 

According to the baby mama, this was an opportunity to vent her rage and anguish after being betrayed by her husband. Because his wound was so open, she had to patch it up. Her actions against him were unfathomable. She enraged him to such an extent that it is evident that she did it on purpose. Below is a snapshot of his stitch that was taken with great care: 

Following all of this, the man is now suing the hospital for the injuries he had as a result of the nurse's actions. This is a harsh and inhumane act. Even someone who has never attended nursing school can perform significantly better than this. It is very clear that this was a personal attack. 

Following the publication of this on social media, people couldn't stop laughing. Take a look at some of the comments below. 


There are certain people who will not recover till they have retaliation. Perhaps the baby's mother is the type of person who fits this description. She had to do something horrible to him in return in order for her to be able to heal. Your views on this medieval method would be greatly appreciated. Do you suppose it was done on purpose or did it happen by accident? Please share your thoughts in the section below.


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