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Group of strange men outnumbered them and nearly killed them.


Meet the brave young man who defied homophobic attacks by standing up for himself. This ancient happened on a Sunday morning after he and his group of buddies had departed their location of fun. They were walking home when they were approached by a bunch of unknown men who began harassing them.

Those guys marked them while they were still having fun and minding their own business in the club, according to one young man. They had no idea that they would be followed shortly after they decided to leave. Their dancing location is not far from their houses; in fact, it is so close that they don't even need to call a cab or an uber to get home. They were travelling on foot, and a group of those men followed them, with a total of 11 persons in their group, compared to only 6 in theirs.

They were finally apprehended by those men, who began tormenting them. He wrote, "Some of my pals fought back, but we primarily ran because we were outnumbered." Those men then began to inquire if they had any phones on them, signaling that more problems was on the way. They apprehended the man in the photo below, as well as another of his friends. They were pummeled till their eyes were "completely shut off" and then left for dead!

"We were later transported to the emergency room. I'm continually hearing about homophobic attacks that result in deaths; I know folks who have been through them and never lived to tell the tale! It's funny how you never really take this seriously until it slaps you in the face! It happened to me, and I was saved by God's grace; things could have been far worse "she penned.

Those individuals are still roaming the streets, hunting for their next prey. This type of behavior is deserving of retaliation. "I'm publishing this to ensure that everyone in the LGBTQI+ community understands how "PRECIOUS" they are, and that they must be aware of their surroundings as well as the individuals with whom they associate.

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