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She Posted That She is 21 years old But see What Mzansi Noticed that Left Everyone Speechl /Opinion


Many people believe that Children born in the 2000's are aging faster than any other generation.They have bigger bodies and they develop very quickly .We believe that its mostly due to their lifestyle choices .

Most of them especially women they drink alcohol, they smoke and start engaging with the other gender at a very young age.They also eat a lot junk food and most of them hardly ever exercise and are always glued to their screens on their phones and laptops.

A young lady posted that she is celebrating her 21st birthday but Mzansi doesnt believe her .She looks way too old for someone who is only 21 .If someone puts her next to someone who is 35 years old they will assume she is the same age because of her body.

If someone looks like this at the age of 21 years then how will they look if they are 40 years or 35 years .This lady must do something and quick about her body because noone will actually believe she is 21 years old.Also its also not healthy to carry such huge amounts of weight when you are still young .It detoriates your health and chances of having a child.

Keeping healthy is important .Lets not take it for granted because one day we will wish we had taken better care of ourselves and by then it will be too late .Also looking your age is important especially for women .

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