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One of Enyobeni tavern survive 17 years old girl remember what happened on the day of incident.

She says everything was in order until the bounce closes the doors and all the people from upstairs were forcing their way down to get exit.she said they were aiming at the exit on the ground floor.

And inside the tarven was hot people were struggling to breath she continues to say even papers pray was also utilized. So those who are from upstairs started pushing their way downstairs , some even fall down on top of other then the situation get out off hand.

She said she was trying to save her two freind who loose life on the incident, it then happened that she also passed out for three hours. When she regain consciousness the first word she heard was that she must also be dumb among those who have passed away . She further say that her Parents wasn't aware that she was also at tarven. Because she even asks cell phone from someone she met at the incident to call her parents. Meanwhile five bodies not yet claimed ,and others in critical condition in hospital.

The question is how did the underage enter the tavern because arcoding to the rules in south Africa no under 18 years is allowed to buy liquor , or even enter the tavern.

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