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It Ended In Tears For CIT Robbers After They Were Caught Doing This

Seven (7) Cash-in-transit robbers have been add arrested after being caught planning a robbery on macro Woodmead. Police were informed about criminals planning a robbery and followed up on the information, they caught them while still preparing to do the robbery and arrested them immediately. They managed to recover 2 unlicensed firearms and a hijacked Hyundai H1 and Toyota Corolla used in commission of a crime.

The criminals are going to appear in court once charged, the police commissioner is happy about the subsequent arrest and hopes to see more arrests. Members of the public are always urged to report criminal activities that are happening in their areas in order for police to arrest the criminals subsequently, so whenever you see a criminal in your area do not hesitate to report whatever their criminal is doing.

When it comes to CIT robberies we have seen a lot of security officers die in the hands of criminals, that is why we are so happy to see police arresting them before they even hurt other people. the security officers will be working for their family members and yet criminals don't even think about that before killing them, it is very unfair because criminals think they are the only ones who are hustling and what’s even worse is that they hustle using other peoples hustle.

That is why as community members we have to try and get rid of criminality in our areas, some community members are even doing mob justice on perpetrators of crime even though it is unlawful. It seems to be the only way that solves the problem but police tend to arrest the people that kill the perpetrators of crime, the reason why police do not want members of the public to do mob justice is the fact that members of the public do not first wait and get proof before killing someone.

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