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" I drank undiluted sanitizer" : South African man explains to Luyanda Potwana on Nyan' Nyan'.

Twenty seven (27) years old man drank a hand sanitizer, undiluted.He explains that the cause of this suicide attempt is his cheating girlfriend,who in the five years of their relationship conceived two children with two different people. However, he also had one child outside of the relationship. During the Nyan Nyan' interviewe the couple labeled their relationship at "open".

The guy attempted suicide at his work place , he called his boss after drinking the sanitizer, letting him know that they will find him at the back.

Potwana asked how the experience was physically after he drank it , he described it as his body becoming weak , and he became dizzy.

Their relationship is not only "open" but excessively abusive, the boyfriend who is a bartender beats his girlfriend all the time. When Luyanda Potwana ( host) asked her as to why is she not reporting the incidents, the lady mentioned that she feels sorry for him and somehow understands that her boyfriend has anger issues.

Moreover, she said that she is always advising him to get psychological help as he also has childhood traumas that are contributing factors to his behaviour.

He apparently lost his father at a very young age, was unable to get into a higher education institution, he said this was painful because his peers are either already working or in colleges being trained for their professions.

This shows the level of depression in our societies that is caused by peer pressure, looking at your age mates doing very well for themselves and then automatically thinking that you're behind, which is untrue , as long as you're not static and awaiting miracles but willing to make ends meet to achieve your goals , you're never behind.

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