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EXPOSED| Lufuno's Principal admits to another SH0CKING information regarding bullying.


Another information has been revealed regarding Lufuno Mavhunga's Principal.It is clear that Lufuno meant it that she won't rest in peace.She already fighting her battles and exposing everyone at her school and that includes the Princiapl.Apparently the Principal has been caught up in another bullying csse of which he had admitted of using corporal punishment.

The bullying scandal had happened even before the one of Lufuno at Mbilwi Secondary School.

It seems like the Principal tried to stop the bullying by using corporal punishment but it made things worse.Lufuno reported the matter before it even got worse where to her being bullied and beaten up.The Principal did nothing like on the other bullying where he used corporal punishment.

This time he did not do a thing and that led to Lufuno being bullied and she committed suicide.

Do you blame the Principal that he did not save Lufuno from the bully? What do think needs to be done to the Principal?

Share your thoughts!!!

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Lufuno Mavhunga


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