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Reactions as pictures of woman who fixed nails on her teeth surfaces online (photos)

It is important to remember that we live in a dynamic world in which we are susceptible to change. As a result, we see changes in every aspect of our lives including our food, fashion, music, lifestyle and all other aspects of our lives.

However, sometimes these changes do not sit well with everyone since we perceive them as ludicrous and improper at the time of their inception; however, this perception may change over time as more individuals become involved in the process of implementing these changes.

This is comparable to the picture of a certain woman who glued nails to her teeth, namely the incisors, in order to make them appear longer, which surfaced online and was dubbed "squirrel teeth" by some.

It should be remembered that the habit of fixing nails among women has recently been a popular trend, with many women choosing to repair their nails, paint them a color of their choosing, or even stone them with dazzling things.

However, who would have believed that some people would wish to take that style to the next level, as demonstrated by this woman's decision to attach artificial nails to her teeth, which appears to be crazy on all levels.

Although this has caused a lot of controversy, many individuals have expressed their unhappiness with the trend, calling it indecent and asserting that it will never be accepted as fashion.

However, while some individuals claimed that there are no longer any new ideas in the fashion world, others were concerned about how the person would be able to perform fundamental tasks such as eating with a nail in his or her mouth.

But this is fashion, and anything can happen at any time, as we have seen in our community as a result of a number of changes in people and the environment. What was previously considered absurd has now become acceptable in our community as a result of these changes.

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