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Good News| "MOST WANTED" Illegal FOREIGNERS Finally Arrested

Botswana’s Most Wanted finally arrested in South Africa. [Read down]

The Botswana Special Support Group (SSG) approached the South African National Defence Force deployed at Mahikeng borderline to assist them with apprehending two most wanted male suspects, in connection with stock theft crimes that they believe are taking refuge in South Africa.

Members of Tshwane Regiment deployed in Mahikeng were conducting Vehicle Patrols in the vicinity of Madutle where they apprehended one of the fugitives from Botswana. The second fugitive was later apprehended in the same area. 

View some photos below:

The deployed soldiers were able to apprehend two suspects with 11 goats and 9 sheep stolen in Botswana. The two suspects were handed over to the South African Police Services and the Botswana Special Support Group was contacted.

On the 09th November 2021, the two fugitives from Botswana were handed over to Botswana Special Support Group by the immigration office at Skilpadhek Point Of Entry, the Officer Commanding Joint Operations Tactical headquarters North West, Colonel M.J. Ramakatsa took his Staff Officer Class 1 Plan, Lieutenant Colonel M.E Lekitlane and the deployed intelligence officer Lieutenant Makgabo with him during this handing over at the request of the Botswana authorities.


This combined operation was Intelligence-driven, however, troops were also given Intelligence training before each deployment or rotation is done.

The re-training has proven to be effective as the deployed members were able to apprehend 50 undocumented persons in less than a month and assist the Botswana Special Support Group concerning stock theft crimes. Tshwane Regiment was able to identify and apprehend most of the stock theft syndicates around the borderline thus far.

These joint operations have uplifted the relationship between the South African and Botswana security forces in this making a better working environment for those who are doing borderline protection.


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