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Can't believe this; Mzansi left in shock after seeing this alcohol bill

They are people who really have a lot of money in the world. Money that only some can dream of, but never even come close to it.

 Some people actually spend money on alcohol without thinking twice because they own a million. Waiters working in clubs serving this type of clientele also have the advantage of getting very good tips. Tips are usually 10 percent of the actual bill, so the more you spend, the better you get the tip.

 One waitress shared a picture of a recent alcohol bill that got a lot of people talking, the bill was over half a million, which was 554,360 rubles.

 Many people thought it was not normal for someone to use that amount of alcohol unless it cleaned up dirty money. people stressed that this trick is used by many people who want to clean up dirty money so that it becomes legal.

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