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There Are Potholes Already in Their New Roads

The noise has already started about how Mnangagwa is fixing roads, but like everything to do with our beloved country, the devil is in the detail, his supporters, bootlickers and admirers are turning up the heat, but ask always, we stick to the facts. I don’t have to say much, these are the roads that they are talking about as if they will lose their voices shouting about it. The looting happens by inflating prices for fixing the roads, and doing very little, these are the roads that they are doing

And Nick Mangwana is busy posting on twitter about these roads, something is rotten in the state of Zim, Zimbabweans will continue to suffer until we decide to stop burying our heads in the sand and say NO to this corrupt leadership. Apa ma China are busy plundering our natural resources while at the same time causing tremendous environmental degradation, and all we do is complain and do nothing about it

In Zimbabwe they are toll gates, there is no need for any road to have potholes when each road has a fund, which should not depend on the national budget. Foreinstance the Bulawayo vic fall with number of toll gates should be state, of the art road users are funding the roads through tall fees but someone diverting the money

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