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Meet Bongani Mxolisi a young man who is not ashamed of selling Buns on the streets


When other people are ashamed of their situation young Bongani goes out and sell to the people without minding what the society has to say. Bongani Mxolisi saw an opportunity many young people in his community did not see as a way to make ends meet. After struggling to gather enough money for his school fees he went straight to the streets to hustle, since then his life has been a dream to live. Young man touched the hearts of many, after his business was shared with the public on social media. Bongani is from Mbuyeni section in Mpumalanga. Briefly news shared his story on their Facebook page, after seeing how inspiring he is to the up coming generation. For now he is selling vegetables and buns early mornings to the protein his community. Being consistent has gained him recognition he never thought will come straight to his door step.

Today good news are on his way, since the nation will do something about his hustle without him having to ask. Do whatever you do someone out there will be watching and willing to do you good.

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Bongani Bongani Mxolisi


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