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A Man Has Become A Laughing Stock For Doing This With R100k In A Club

A man has been trending on social media after he basically took a stack of R200 notes and put them in a bucket filled with expensive Champaign and he proceeded to do put more notes, and even pour more alcohol in what is a truly shocking experience for most members of the public due to the fact that this man is flexing his money to people who couldn’t even be more concerned.

This is just another incident of people wanting to trend on social media because everyone knows that if you want to do something that will trend post it on social media and make sure that it is incredibly wild then you'll trend, but you could also be calling for the South African Revenue Services to pay attention to you.

This has been a trend of late and it seems to be driving members of the public crazy on social media and that is why these individuals do it, it benefits them in ways the ordinary members of the public would never understand and members of the public will keep celebrating and laughing along these individuals in order to get their attention.

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South African Revenue Services


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