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A Correctional officer turned into a laughing stock after she revealed that she can arrest someone.

In South Africa Correctional Officers enforce rules and regulations inside prisons, maintain the security of inmates, staff and facilities, and supervise daily activities. They are known for their work at correctional services departments, where prisoners are being kept to serve their sentences.

There is so much difference between, a police officer and a correctional officer and it seems like some can confuse the two. A correctional officer who is a beautiful young woman, turned into a laughing stock as she shared a breathtaking picture of herself on social media, while revealing that she can arrest someone.

A lot of people were left stunned and wondering how possible it can be for her to arrest people, while her job title is in no way, connected to making arrests. But may we don't know much about this profession and a correctional officer have the Authority to arrest criminals. Despite being laughed at, some people stood on her side, while staring what they know about the profession.

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