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RIP sir, Nigeria mourns the passing away of a great business man, Mr Dangote

This man is known to be a member of for Aliko Dankota family. He has now passed on, he is said to be a be a philanthropist, one of the businessmen that have uplifted the Nigerian communities.

He will be remembered for his good service to Nigeria, and in the world's society at large. This only shows that, no matter how much money you have, there is never enough amount of money to can buy life. Life is from God, every day is a plus. Those hours, those minutes, those days, those weeks, months, mrnings and nights, you have seen, it is all by the grace of God.

That is why it is very much important on every birthday to thank God than to have a party. If you don't have a party, but atleast you've thanked God for life, that is the best part ever. It does not for you to have a wild party about your birthday, day but then forget to thank God. It is more important to thank God for life, than to celebrate your birthday wildly because, when we thank God we'll be celebrating life as a gift from Him. And it's true that life is a gift, nobody has any certainty about tomorrow.

It's only God who is so sure, all we do we do is to have faith in what He said in His word that, "I know the thoughts that I have towards you, they're good and not evil. We know that in his good thoughts, He does not want us to die young. We thank God for the life that he has lived, as long as he has fulfilled the assignment that God has created him for, in May his soul rest peace

Today Africa lost one of its greatest entrepreneurs and great businessman. Our condolences for out Nigerian brothers and sisters for the death of ElHaj Sani Dangote.  Africa shares your grief.

Sani Dangote was a businessman with more than 30 years’ experience in key sectors of the Nigerian economy including manufacturing, agriculture and oil services. 

Sani Dangote was the Vice President of Dangote Group and sits on the Board of several other companies. He was also the Deputy Chairman of African Gum Arabic Producers Association, a Fellow of the Nigeria Institute of Shipping and President of the Fertiliser Producers & Suppliers Association.

In 2012, he completed the Owner/President Management Programme at the Harvard Business School in the United States of America.

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