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{•Watch Video•} of Police Officer Giving Other Officer A Hot Clap And Spinning Kick At The Taxi Rank


A video of the South African Police Service is currently doing the rounds on social media. One of the officers was spotted battling with other officers who were standing in a group. This occurred in a Cape Town taxi rank. It is unclear what happened to this police officer.

The identities of these officers are unknown. On video, one police officer can be seen spinning kick and clapping another officer. Many people gathered at the taxi rank to see him beat up on other cops who had arrived with him. The other officers end up stumbling into him. In a video, the man can be heard begging, "Leave me alone."

The cop was engaging in kung-fu combat. Those kicks were lightning rapid, to the point of being frightening. However, they fought with impeccable timing in front of a crowd of onlookers. I can hear the clap he gave the other cop.

The man seemed to be suffering a nervous breakdown. One man is overpowering a large number of cops. Our men in blue are lacking in training. They were perplexed by their colleague's behavior, so they decided to spray him. He was out of control, and his colleague couldn't treat him like a regular criminal when it was clear he was having a mental breakdown.

Minister of Police Fikile Mbalula should take action to address the trauma that police officers face on a daily basis. What is the department doing to assist officers in dealing with the trauma they encounter on a daily basis? These folks see horrific events yet face no repercussions. To avoid this type of 9f behavior, serious precautions must be taken.


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