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Touching, Immediately After Buying A Car, Things Went Wrong, See What Happened.


This is one of the most reasons why we should make sure that we hide when we buy expensive cars because there are some people out there that are on our watch to take what are ours. It has ended in tears for so many people because they were trying to show off their properties on social media well not knowing that there might be some people who are looking for them. This is doing us that crime will never end in South Africa because it looks like it is increasing every day and so many people are not liking it.

We don't even know where we would run away from this because it looks like no, we are buying cars for thugs to come and take them from us. The police would do something about this because people are saying that they are getting paid for free. It's heartbreaking because it looks like we cannot go a year we helped someone to cry about losing their properties in their area. I can tell that so many people have learned from bees because if they do it again they might lose their property again. There will be no one to blame because they are the ones that posted them on social media.

People on social media I only look out for that car because they are feeling sympathy for that lady. I can also tell them the lady will never repeat the same mistake again because she can see that she lost something that she love with her whole heart. That car is so expensive and if someone stole it from you, you might end up falling into a depression because you're not used to the pain that you're going to be feeling. It has been said that most of these people that is stealing working with the police and that's not how things should happen. People are saying that they should arrest each police officer who is capable of stealing with those people.

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