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Reatsotella: Stay away from Foreign people, here is what happened to this woman that sh0ck people

Imagine your husband disappearing in the middle of the night as if he was going to the bathroom, only for him to come back five years later and act normal.



"He doesn’t look South African to me. I think he only wanted citizenship. He did not care about her. I don’t understand why she brought him to Rea. It’s simple, there was nothing between the 2 of them. Our sisters are in trouble. I wish people could learn. Money is the root of evil. The lady also wants a stand to build a home after someone left you for 5 years. The Somalian still needs citizenship. It is a barter trade.


This reminds me of Skhumba's story "Umkhulu Wam used to disappear for months, then finally when he returns and finds us all sitting in the living room watching TV, he says "hey eeeh sanbonani, sanbonani andlule aye e toilet, then he comes back to watch TV with us and says "yaaah neh" as if nothing happened." according to a Facebook follower



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Rea South African


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