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Video: Watch These Young People Flaunting Guns While Partying

South Africa is currently dealing with the problems which are caused by the fact that there are so many unlicensed guns which are in the hands of people who are using them for criminal activities, innocent people are getting killed day in and day out in this country, some are murdered for nothing and some are killed during robberies and it seems there is no way that those guns will be swept off the streets, it is very easy to get a gun in South Africa than to get a driver's license, one wonders if there are any plans in place to try and make this country a gun-free country.

A disturbing video has emerged on social media where people who were having a good time somewhere were literally flaunting the guns, it looked like they were celebrating something and all the girls who were in that place had guns at there hands, they were in a jubilant mood as they drank and show off their guns.

On the video, a group of young people were at an unknown location and it seems like every girl was with her boyfriend, there are at least three girls who are visible on the video, two of them were sitting on the laps of their men while drinking and flaunting guns, the third one also came along and she also had a gun on her, she also did what her friends were doing.

What they were doing is highly risky since there was a possibility of a mistake that could have ended up taking someone's life, they all were drinking and were probably tipsy, anything could have happened and someone could have been killed, but the youths of today never use their brain to think positively, all they do is drink and hardly ever use their common sense.


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