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Nyaope addicts caught dressed in police uniform robbing people at the robots


South Africa will never stop surprising, a group of Nyaope addicts were caught by the police in Gauteng dressed in uniform. It is alleged that the guys were robbing people money claiming to be police officers. One of the pedestrian noticed something strange about them and called forward the police.

The man were arrested at the spot after robbing people money, only to get a fix since their lives depend greatly on Nyaope. It is unknown how they got their uniform as well as a gun. Police found out that their operation has been running for weeks. Since they have been changing location all over the city. Our country has turned into a joke.

These days it is easy to turn anything you wanna be without getting caught early. As for the people who managed to take out their hard earned money to these people. Their minds were really hypnotized, truly.

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Nyaope South Africa


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