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Aside Zulus In South Africa, See 6 Countries That Do Virginity Testing


1. Afghanistan

The findings of tests are utilized in court when women and girls are charged with "moral offences" like fleeing or having sex before getting married. Despite his discouragement, President Ashraf Ghani does not actually forbid testing. Women who don't pass the examinations risk going to jail.

2. India

In order to learn more about a woman's former sex life, doctors who evaluate rape victims frequently insert two fingers into her vagina. In one instance, two doctors examined the same patient and came to contradictory conclusions, which highlights the widespread skepticism about its veracity.

Indonesia 3.

Frequently, exams are needed of female police applicants for "mental health and morality grounds." Since many years ago, all branches of the Indonesian military have conducted virginity tests, and in some cases, they have also tested the fiancées of officers.

4. Iraq

Yazidi women who had fled sexual servitude were subjected to forensic post-rape examinations by Kurdish authorities on a regular basis until 2016. The head of a team assembling proof of ISIS crimes claimed that the tests revealed crucial proof.

S. Africa

In Zulu culture, testing is accepted, and virginity certificates are often given out during rituals. A "maiden bursary plan" for girls who submitted to testing and maintained their virginity throughout their courses was looked into by the Commission for Gender Equality in 2016.

United States 5.

Doctors get no official instructions, and testing is not prohibited by law in the United States. According to a 2016 poll of 288 doctors, 10% had conducted a test. It was discovered that more American patients were requesting tests or hymen restoration operations.

Zimbabwe 6.

Church elders conduct examinations on females as young as 12, according to Archbishop Johannes Ndanga. He claimed that if a man marries a non-virgin lady, she will be required to find a virgin for her husband to marry in a polygamous union as payment.

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