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Former Attorney 'Confessed' To Nephew Why He Killed His Children

Lucas Phasha is on trial for supposedly murdering his children, nine year old katlegi, seven year old Joyce, five year old Tshepo and Adel who’s only three years old. He murdered them on the 17th of February 2020. 

First he was arrested for killing a neighbour’s child then came out on parole for “good behaviour”. Now he is back on trial for killing his 4 children it just shows how the justice system is failing us.

This man is alleged to have mental problems, it could be what drove him therefore it was said that there is no way someone could not have picked up that something was not right with his mental health at some point, ignorance is the most common problem to the society.

Mental illness is real. It is a daily battle . It is not something to be ignored like we do in South Africa. It is not normal for a person to annihilate his children, something must have went wrong somewhere.

It was added that if he really had a mental illness he would have at least attempted to take his life, or would have taken it long back. Why does he only murder innocent kids? There’s no justification for his behaviour.

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