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"Ramaphosa Must Fall" Country Wide Shutdown being Planned, Here's when and how to prepare.

It's almost as if the protests are determined to continue. Last month saw some of the worst looting and rioting in recent memory. Following that, there were significant racial tensions and an EFF march. These events have had a significant impact on the lifestyles of a large number of South Africans, forcing them out of their comfort zones. There are now reports that a country-wide shutdown is being planned for later this month. The specifics, the scheduled closure date, and how to appropriately prepare your lifestyle for this event are included below.

Country Wide Shutdown Possible :

The poster pictured above has been circulating on social media. According to the logos written at the bottom, it appears to be organized by a number of distinct political organizations, each with its own set of demands. Those requirements are as follows:

Unverified Vaccine : I'm assuming they're looking for information about vaccines.

Black Lives Matter : These seems to be relating to the recent racial tensions and the Phoenix Massacre.

Real ANC : I'm not sure. However, it may have something to do with ANC corruption.

Where's Free Education; Putting aside the obvious grammar issue, I believe they desire the free education promised a long time ago.

All of this culminated in a group proclaiming "Ramaphosa Must Fall." They will march from Bothas Park to the ANC provincial office on 23 August at 9:00 PM to voice their concerns. However, this is being billed as a "Shutdown by South African Citizens" Protest. Therefore, it would be prudent to plan for it. This is how it works.

Preparing for the Day :

While there is no indication that this is a large or continuing event. You should take minor preparations to prepare for the event, as its occurrence will have an effect on your lifestyle. To begin, fill up your cars the day before and organize your meals in advance. If you have somewhere to go on the day of the demonstration, phone early to ensure it is safe or that there are no roadblocks. Additionally, it may be important to know where your children are traveling these days and whether or not the regions they are visiting will be impacted. While I do not wish for you to get excessively nervous. Preparation is critical in all situations. What are your thoughts on these observations? Let me know in the comments section and be sure to follow for updates as they happen.

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