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Principal Admits To Beating Learners With Sjambok At The School Where Lufuno Mavhunga Was Bullied

An investigation is currently underway at the Mbilwi High School, where Lufuno Mavhunga was assaulted. The investigation began after it was confirmed that the principal and teachers were aware of the bullying that was happening in schools and did nothing.

During the on going investigation, it was discovered that the principal, Nyambeni Lidzhade, has a sjambok, which he kept in his office. It was discovered that he beat learners with the sjambok. He was criticized for implementing corporal punishment in his school, and for not adequately doing his job.

An informant explained that Principal Lidzahade beat a learner with the sjambok. He kept his sjambok hidden in his office. Allegedly, the sjambok was used to beat a boy who had been bullying another boy. The bullied boy’s parents came to school and asked the principal to do something about it. He proceeded to beat the boy with a sjambok in front of the parents.

That explained why he didn’t do anything about Lufuno Mavhunga complaining about being bullied. He is also a bully!

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