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Ladies Be Careful Of Uber: See what Happened to this Woman After She Requested An Uber


Many people nowdays prefer using uber instead of taxis thats because ubers are more convenient and fast.The most number of people who like using ubers are women and the most number of people who work for uber are men .So its not suprising that there has been a couple of incidents where the drivers has taken advantage of women .Some were robbed and some raped.

A lady took to facebook to reveal the horrible ordeal that happened to her while using an uber .She claims the uber driver took advantage of her .See below .

What even more pinful is that the uber driver who did this responded to her post and says he did her a favour.What kind of a favour did he do for her by taking advantage. This man desrves to be jailed and the key thrown in the ocean .He has no remorse whatsoever of what he did to this innocent woman.

Ladies must be cafeful when using ubers especially at night.Its better for one to use a taxi thats full of people instead of an uber where it will be just the two of them in the car .Many women have found themselves in these kind of mess and you dont want to become another statistic. Its a pity because men like these are ruining the brand of Uber. Now most people dont trust and it will be a matter of time before it starts losing customers and business.

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