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Car fallen on top of the shacks when the soil was falling down

Well, a man posted this picture on Facebook and said just imagine this happens to you while you are still sleeping. The picture looks so funny but a lot of a didn't find any joke on this. Some South African there are leaving like this for their entire lives. People are staying in the shacks not because they love to but their financial situation forced them. Just imagine taking your last cent and build and shake and someone with an expensive car fall on top of it. People felt too emotional when they saw this picture on Facebook.

These cars are looking new so the people who are driving must have a license. So such things or mistakes are not supposed to happen. People have the question that what are these cars doing in such a place. Because it's always not safe to park your car next to someone's house. People were laughing until they looked at this picture on another side. That well it's funny but someone almost lost his house or life. So things like this must be avoided in future people must be careful of where they park their cars.

People were busy saying that these shacks are tough. Some were going to fall and those cars were not going to be saved.

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