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'See Pictures Of Slaying Zimbabwean Queen Cops That Left All Man With Mouth Open.

This photo of a policewoman is making the rounds on social media, particularly Facebook. It's a conclusion as to who is assassinating police officers or simply a police officer. The publication of this photograph has sparked envy among many people, especially given the country mentioned. I also had no idea that there are lovely women concealed inside the police warehouse when it comes to policing.

You are aware that the general public has a propensity to look down on Zimbabweans and their country. I suppose one Zimbabwean who has slandered his or her people has caused others to judge Zimbabweans similarly.

No Zimbabwean policewoman wears excessive make-up, as things are quite pricey in Zim. They are all being painted with the same brush, and so the adage "one rotten potato spoils the whole bag" is true. Thus, when anything beautiful emerges from Zimbabwe, South Africa, Botswana, or Namibia claim the limelight.

I'm simply inquiring. In Zimbabwe, do we have a white police officer??? Are white people arrested in Zimbabwe when they commit crimes? They are a lovely people who live in Zimbabwe. It's only that the majority of people who look down on Zimbabweans have never visited the country.

I'm not sure why they chose that particular photograph, but this is what I can supply as proof that you're incorrect: my own mother's younger sister, who is not the only police officer in our family, but then here's Zim Police Women in uniform looking drop dead stunning.

My first sighting of a stunning girl in Zimbabwe. Even if I am innocent, I will not fight this officer's arrest.

She's lovely....but when you come to South Africa, you can't pick and choose...they're all stunning and ass-ed up. They are unaware that Zimbabwe is home to both gorgeous people and beautiful places. You'd be surprised to learn that Zimbabwe has more gorgeous people than South Africa.

Zimbabweans accuse South African police of group seating while drinking neer. Are you in agreement or disagreement?

As evidenced by the comment section, there are others claiming to know her from Namibia. According to some, she has little possibility of being a Zimbabwean. Simultaneously, another user shared an image of a South African cop for the purpose of experiencing or examining the photograph. This is the terrible state of our kin.


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