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Road Accident

Video: Watch These Guys Surf Between A Bus And A Sedan While Some Were On Top Of The Bus In KZN

Sometimes the young people enjoy themselves in an irresponsible way, when they are enjoying their freedom and excisizing their rights, they forget that rights goes hand in glove with responsibilities and that there should always be boundaries in everything they do since things don't always go as planned, sometimes they go bad and the end results are not so good, but the youth of today forget that there could be a problem emminating from what they are doing, just like these young people from Durban in the KwaZulu-Natal Province, what they were doing is irresponsible and was literally death wish since a small mistake could have seen one or all of them falling off the bus.

Just when the whole country is still recovering from the shock after what happened at Enyobeni tavern, people are still trying to come terms with the deaths of so many young people, a video has emerged on social media where young people were surfing on top of a bus in one of South Africa's busiest road, they just decided to do this not minding or carrying about the repercussions if the actions, as long as they were having fun and that is all that matters.

On the video, three young men were seen surfing on top of a bus that was going past the Spaghetti junction - on the N3 near Durban on Sunday afternoon, there were three people on top of the bus and there were some who were also joining them as they come out if the bus through the windows.

As if that was not enough, there was another black vehicle which was driving on the left of the bus where occupants of that vehicle also had half their bodies out through the windows as they encounrage those on top of the bus to keep doing it, one guy from the bus came out through the passenger's door and he put his legs on the sedan, meaning half his body was on the sedan while half was on the bus, anything could have happened there and he could have lost his legs or life, but he cared less.

These kids who behave like this these are not well raised, they always show the world their parents' imcompetency, what a kid does outside his/her home tells a lot about their parents and these actions clearly illutrates that parenting failed the nation.


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Durban KwaZulu-Natal


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