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Every woman dreams to have this body, see how SA ladies attack this post: Opinion

I understand that women may want to have a curvy body, but this may not be true of this young lady. If you can look at how the window frames have been adjusted or bend to shape her, then you realise that this is a Photoshop.

This is not a true picture of herself, she may even look terrible than the actual picture. Even if this picture is fake or real, but what she wanted to achieve was to send a message to women. It means that she is actually using the picture to say, women including herself are dreaming to have a such a kind of a body.

So I can see that the post ended in tears when women were attacking that kind of a body. They are saying they will never dream of being disabled. Some are saying they are content with the body that God has given them. Others say, it is only madness to desire something that you do not have.

Thank you

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