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Sensitive Picture to watch. Man beaten by community after trying to kidnap a child in Limpopo

Human trafficking in South Africa is a crisis. Not long ago, children were abducted in Polokwane on their way to school, and they have not been found until today. This is the worst nightmare for any parent in this world. Children are kidnapped on a daily basis across the globe. They are used for various things, and others are murdered. Hence, it is pivotal for parents and communities to unite and provide their children with maximum security, both at school and home. No child should be forcefully removed from home and taken away from the people he/she loves. 

We have already witnessed some of the communities in Limpopo practicing mob justice. People are aware of the incompetence of the police and the high chances of not getting help when they need it the most. Taking matters into your own hands is against the law, but people have no choice, since these criminals have turned communities upside down, and are doing as they please. This is another way of fighting against crime in communities. The justice system is lenient against law breakers, however, if they are heavily beaten in communities, they will stop their sinister actions and integrate well into the society. See the source image

It has been alleged that in a small village in Limpopo, known as Ga-Mphahlele, a man was caught red handed trying to steal a toddler, and the worst happened to him. It is not clear where he was taking this child, but surely it was not for a good purpose. Since these communities are amalgamated and agreed on fighting crime, this man was heavily beaten and left in a bloody body. He was tight on a fence, so that he could not escape while he was taught a lesson. Some communities should learn from this, and stop relying on the law enforcement and the justice system that is lenient towards criminals. People are praising this community in the manner in which it dealt with this criminal. 


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