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😲Lady wrote: A boy' s body was found with his head cut off in this area and left at the cemetery

We are leaving in tough times and cruel world where were don't feel safe anymore. The way things are so bad nowadays when someone goes missing people lose hope that they might find them alive, because it's not something that happens everyday that when someone goes missing they find them alive, but in most cases people they are normally found dead.

The way people are so heartless and doesn't care anymore it has even been so simple for people to kill another human being without any fear. Imagine cutting someone's head off and throwing the body at the cemetery.

A lady by the name of Busi Mando Lamtfombeni took to her social media account on Facebook and shared a post that can shock anyone, the person wrote GUYS IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO LOST A YOUNG SON THE IS A CHILD THAT WAS FOUND IN VOSLOORUS GRAVE YARD NEAR CHRIS HANI MALL HIS HEAD WAS CUT OFF.

Though the person didn't go much into details, but there is a possibility that whoever did this, is going to perform a ritual using this child's head. Because there no other reason for someone to do something so cruel to another human being the worst part of it a young boy. What could be any possible reasons for someone to do something like this.

Parents please make sure you take care of your children, because you never know who hates you and want to harm you. How do you heal after finding your child's body headless not knowing what they will do with his head, how do you bury your child's body that doesn't have a head. It's already painful that the child is dead imagine finding their body in a cemetery with no head. How do you bury your child's body that doesn't have a head, indeed people are heartless out there. What did this child do to deserve such a cruel death. But let's hope they will whoever did this

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Busi Mando Lamtfombeni


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