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Opinion - Dudula followers are fools.

Dudula followers are fools: how can this useless government fight crime with 200 000 police officers: in 70 million populated country?

Of which in that 200 000 half is corrupt as hell : taking bribes every day:

Some are criminals: few months ago police were arrested in North west Mafikeng: arrested for raping a woman who went to call the police against her boyfriend who was abusing her:

Then some Dudula fools think they can stop illegal immigrants:

Police are taking money from the Chinese and Ethiopian who are selling fake goods in Johannesburg.

Nothing will happen:, Dudula will make noise on that Rupert TV ENCA news: from there Nothing will happen.

Hence I support the guy who was lecturing Nhlanhla lux on tv last week: he said Nhlanhla lux if is concerned about our youth struggles.

He must take these young people to ama workshops where they will learn some skills.

Not this nonsense of making noise around our streets escorted by police doing nothing:

The young people Need someone who can bring tangible change: now now: taking advantage of their desperation for your personal gain is not good.

The young people doesn't have skills Hence they are struggling: no toyi toyi will ever change their situation.

Even if all these foreigners can go nothing will change: because they will go with their skills which the majority of our people doesn't have"

Even running a tuck shop is one of the skills: but one thing I know" mzantsi people are struggling with money management:

Go check the program called I blew it: millions of Rands get disappeared from the hands of our people: money management.

You can build a tuck shop and put stock full: and give a mzantsi person: few months later: that tuck shop will be gone:

Or the stock will remain with few things: money management problem.

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