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Bheki Cele Says He Saved Julius Malema From Being Arrested||See What He Did

After it became public that Hillary Gardee, the daughter of Godrich Gardee, had been murdered, many people expressed their shock and grief in many ways. We are aware that there is a significant problem of violence against women in South Africa.

We could see that Julias Malema was quite concerned about this situation, as evidenced by the fact that he dispatched troops to the location in question to deal with it. Because he doesn't know what will happen to them, he even suggested that the police locate this individual before the EFF does so they can take appropriate action.

There was a task team that had a deadline of 72 hours to find out who assassinated Hillary Gradee because, if the EFF was responsible, everything in the world would come crashing down. According to Bheki Cele, who is in command of the police, they have created the most trusted team in the history of the department. This is the team that worked on Oscar Pistorius's case, and its members are listed below. He is so confident that they are heading in the right track and will locate the individuals who were responsible for this heinous act. He had to ensure that they were following the correct leads and that they were successful in apprehending the murderer before Julius Malema did so.

One individual has been taken into custody in connection with the murder of Hillary, according to the minister of police, who has now verified this information. Additionally, it is believed that there are a total of four persons of interest in this investigation, and that only three of them have been located so far. One of the suspects, who is 36 years old, is scheduled to appear in court on Monday. It is speculated that the wedding was intended to take place on that particular day. Due to the fact that he is now employed in the hospitality industry, his wedding cannot go place.

The fact that Hillary had a short back is evidence that those folks are cowardly. According to Malema, this was the way that individuals were handled under the apartheid regime: they couldn't look her in the eyes and shot her in the forehead.

There is a lot of work that has to be done to improve the situation in South Africa, which is such a disgraceful country. Even Bheki Cele has stated that we have to pray for the males in this country, since they are the ones who are consistently the cause of problems for our nation.


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