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Opinion - Ramaphosa should just let NEC deal with Lindiwe Sisulu

“Ramaphosa should just let NEC deal with Lindiwe Sisulu, cz she is trying to get fired by Ramaphosa so she can play victim like Zuma did in 2005

She will also play gender card "they are trying to silent me cz I'm a woman"

If NEC does nothing to her, fine

Let's put it behind and move on.”

OPINION. - Simphiwe gee zuma you are actually a self opionated individual who thinks, that the world revolves around you, and whatever you say is right.

I have for a very long time been watching you. Let me tell you one thing, the ANC NEC is not a one man spaza shop. It is made up of people who have rationale and logical thinking comrades, who knows the struggle and the hardships of a black person.

You and your fellow detractors of mme Lindiwe Sisulu, you will fall hard and eat a humble pie., because the ANC NEC consists of the women's league, and the youth league and mk veterans.

It's your own and your bunch of conflicted followers's wishful thinking that, the ANC NEC will suspend mme Lindiwe Sisulu for exercising her democratic right of the freedom of expression.

You are just a nincampoop, idiot and fool who seeks undue recognition in politics. I am one of the generation of 1976 revolutionary youth, who didn't give up on fighting for our rights.

On that note, Mr know it all, political analysts, allow me to leave, and love you with your bliss ignorance of truth, and reality.

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