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RIP| She was stabbed to death by her male classmate because she qualified all the subjects


It really bad seeing how bad gender based violence keeps increasing in our country each passing day. Another young lady who had a very bright future was murdered brutally and we want justice for her as a country. Mbali was stabbed to death by her classmates because she qualified to write all her subjects and the classmate did not, it's really sad to see what jealousy can make you do as a life was lost just like that. The two students are from the ewc college in kathorus and the incident was reported to had happened after school. The students at the campus were really left devastated with this incident and they want justice to be served for her.

People come here and pass diabolical and unnecessary remarks. We've lost our daughter in a horrific manner and if you don't have anything to say please hold your peace. Judging her with evil comments doesn't make one special either. May your beautiful soul rest in peace my baby girl. That person is the devil himself I cannot believe he took Mbali's life cause she was serious about her education.

The worse part is he made a promise to her and actually kept that promise. Guys be careful of such threats, when someone threatens u report them ASAP. Such people before they attack you physically they first try you spiritually to kill or block you from archiving your dreams when their witchcraft doesn't work, they shift their destroying jealous actions from spiritual to physically where they will start arguing with you everyday and often ends up in death threats one day then they kill you.

May her blood speak and never have mercy on him. Murderers need to know that there's no death after this earthly life, man is spirit. May her blood speak so much that he never finds peace till he repents or take his own life. How could one kill someone for Absolutely nothing, just because she qualified.

What pisses me off the most is that there is enough evidence that points to him but because police will always be police they will want to "conduct" research and will be claimed innocent until proven guilty. They will call him a "prime suspect" not an offender. Justice system fails us its not even funny. Ngapha ubulawa ama classmates f raped by pastors. South Africa is a joke, i'm so embarrassed. But most of all my heart sinks heavy for all the souls we have lost without finding justice for them.

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