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7 Months Later, This Is How Much I Have Saved In My Piggy Bank, Says Ngwana

7 Months Later, This Is How Much I Have Saved In My Piggy Bank, Says Ngwana. Saving can be so hard, people are faced with many basic daily needs, and the cost of living keeps rising. Electricity, fuel, food, transport, and municipality services are just some of the few items I can list that have increased in price this year. But as much as it is hard, some people still find it possible to save money in the piggy bank.

Ngwana is one of those people who still manage to set aside money for her piggy bank. She took it to Twitter to celebrate her saving of seven months. She has a 2-liter cool drink bottle, where she puts notes of money only. In the bottle, there were mostly R100s few R50s, and fewer R200s. She captioned it 7 months later and seems like she will not be opening her piggy bank any time soon. Most people save for the festive season or January back-to-school expenses. If she is saving any of these, she has achieved a lot, she will be in a much better position to spend her saving without dipping into a cycle of debt.

Well done Ngwana, we wish we would have started seven months ago too.

Please show us your piggy bank, like Ngwana. Have you kept up with your New Year's resolution of saving money?


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