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VIDEO: "I Pay Your Salary" White SA Man's Last Words Before Being Brutalized By SAPS Officers

VIDEO: "I Pay Your Salary" White SA Man's Last Words Before Being Brutalized By SAPS Officers.

It's not a new information that there's been a fight over the issue of the need to wear face masks since the vaccination process began earlier this year. Many citizens believe the Corona virus is a hoax and not true hence the need to go against the government's directives.

Surprisingly, we never saw a case where politicians are being harassed of humiliated by police officers for now wear masks in public and crowded places. But on the other hand, day to day we get to see pictures and videos of our Mzansi people being attacked for not wearing mask.

This brutality has however reached its peak as fresh videos circulating so I'll media platforms shows the moment some SAPS officers and some white South Africans having a contention at an unnamed location besides the road.

According to the poster, Joe arrangement, people should learn to respect police officers and not justify their wrongs. This is captioned the video as we get to see the white man and some officers exchanging words of insult, whilst the officer warned the man to wear his mask.

The white man growled back saying it's his Constitutional right to do as he pleases and earring a mask isn't one thing he plans on doing. He went further to shout in the officers face saying he pays for the policeman's salary through his taxes and all.

Obviously it angered the officers who in a matter of seconds grabbed the white man by the neck pulling him to the police vehicle and pushing him in as other officers force a mask on him. This has garnered much attention, here are some reactions below;

Source: Twitter

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