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WATCH: People React, See What These Police Officers Did At This Funeral

Now, there will always be those people who will do funny things at places such as the church or the funeral and some people cannot help, but laugh.

However, people have to be respectful, in this case, these police officers were at a funeral and there had to be a way in which things were done.

One thing that we have to understand is that, there are certain things that you should not do at a funeral and most important, if you are meant to be doing something, then go there prepared.

The last thing that you would want is to embarrass yourself or cause interruptions, so what is it that happened here.

In the video, we see the police officers, they seem to be at a funeral and as you know, the police have their own funeral traditions. It is never things that are complicated, however, we do not see much at this particular funeral.

It is not clear if the person who died was a police officer or not, but he or she most likely was because we can see the police officers there marching towards the casket, holding flowers.

Then, as they get to the casket, they stop and they do some sort of a salute and place the flower on top of the casket, you probably have seen them doing this at funerals before.

Now, everything started well, we see one man doing the salute, he walks off, then there is a lady that comes after him, she does the same thing too and then also walks off.

However, things changed when a woman, who is, supposedly a police officer too, walks towards the casket, now she did not march, she just walked there.

When she got there, she messes up the salute and does some weird thing with her body. She obviously messed up, she also knew that, and that moment could have been ignored.

However, one of the male officers was seen lots lowering his head and it seemed like he was laughing, which is just wrong. How does one find anything funny at a funeral?

This is something that should never happen and it is unfortunate that it did. What do you think about this? Please share your thoughts. Go to to watch the video. 


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