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Voortrekker Rd Was Littered With Bodies As Hitmen Pounced In Taxi Violence Incident.

Four people shot and two killed in an alleged hit on taxi drivers on Voortrekker Road, Belleville Cape Town. It is believed an unknown number of gunmen stormed the street leading to a taxi rank and opened fire at a number of men.

The street was littered with bodies of men who were nursing their gunshot wounds while emergency services and the police were on scene to conduct investigations. People could be seen observing the incident before moving from the scene, this shows that gun killings have become so commonplace that the people of Cape Town are no longer surprised by them.

It could be taxi gang or drug related, Bellville also has a large number of foreign nationals, who by the way love doing dodgy dealings. Bellville , Parow, Goodwood, Maitland al the way to Cape Town, the last 10 years Voortrekker road became dangerous for the normal citizen who work and live there.

That Voortrekker road is drug route from top to bottom that’s why people call it Nigerian town, This one has to do with drug dealers. I have a feeling the DA and ANC are funded by money from drug lords. The governments where these two parties rule are too soft when it comes to clamping on drug dealings. The rest of us will perish due to human greed for coins.

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