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Gunmen shot and killed 19 school children and 2 teachers. The police did this to him

Blood is spilled each and everyday. Perhaps the world is coming to an end soon. God will wipe us all away for such actions. When you are tired of living you should not take away other people's lives, instead take yours and live others in peace.

A tragic incident took place in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday after a gunman shot his own grandmother and went ahead and killed 19 school children and 2 teachers. The children killed were in the second, third and fourth grades, police said. Fortunately, the grandmother survived but the other 21 people are no more. According to Abbott, the shooter, identified as Uvalde resident Salvador Ramos, is dead. The shooter opened fire at Robb Elementary School at about 11:30 a.m. after abandoning his vehicle, and it is believed police killed him. Police said two military-style rifles were used in the attack, per the outlet.

Investigators are still working to determine the sequence of events during the massacre, in which local law enforcement officers reportedly tried to engage the gunman. A first responder told CNN that it was around 30 minutes before officers “neutralised” the shooter.

There is no credible way of predicting whether someone is capable of committing murder: science has not revealed any tell-tale signs that a seemingly normal person is on the path to violent criminality. People who do terrible things seem to be just like everyone else until the day they cross into the realm of criminal violence and, all of a sudden, they’re not like us at all.

Serial murder, also called serial killing, the unlawful homicide of at least two people carried out by the same person (or persons) in separate events occurring at different times. Although this definition is widely accepted, the crime is not formally recognized in any legal code.

Xavier Lopez, one of the kids who lost their lives.

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