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Mzansi Reacts to Alcohol Prices at Konka

A lifestyle lounge in Soweto has been trending throughout social media for it's prices and the type of people it has been attracting. The lifestyle lounge called Konka has shocked Mzansi with how people have been spending a lot of money on their premises with alcohol.

Many have praised Konka and wished to be as rich as the people who go there while others have been criticizing black south Africans for spending money on alcohol than spending that money on other productive things.

Others have been tweeting how they can never understand the act of spending thousands of money on alcohol alone. With others tweeting that people actually have money but choose to misuse it on entertainment rather than doing something to uplift the future of black south Africans.

With its popularity and being critised, it has been accused of money laundering as most don't believe that black people actually have money but Konka hit back and defended its reputation by asking South Africans to celebrate black excellence than always assuming the worst.

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