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Groom discharged Gun and started shooting at the wedding

People were left traumatized over this past weekend when they attend a wedding ceremony as normal to witness the two loving birds making it official.

Unfortunately the wedding didn't end well to those who are living in fear of the guns but it was an awesome wedding ceremony to the groom and his crew.

A certain guy started shooting pointing on the sky and then groom followed the call although wife/bride was denying him to do so. The grrom discharged his gun to shoot at the sky several bullets.

People quickly run, saving their lives because they couldn't understand what is going on. This was weird wedding celebration I've ever seen and it is totally out of order.

Discharging a firearm recklessly like that in public is a criminal offence in republic of South Africa. What is someone gets killed by a stray bullet, it is risk indeed.

For sure police officials now will be after him for what he did although it was on his own wedding. Women choose man like this and blame all man afterwards.

Watch full video of the shooting on the following link,

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