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Every Race In South Africa Is Armed Except for Black South Africans/ Opinion

A few months ago when lootings happened mainly in the KZN province a lot of black people were killed .Indians came out with guns blazing in Phoenix and were shooting all people around the area.White people also had guns and started shooting at innocent people claiming they were protecting their properties.

Recently the somalians are revolting in Eastern cape they even burnt down local taxis after they had an altercation with the local taxi drivers .They are carrying guns and even threatening to shoot poilce officers there .

South Africa does not allow citizens to own guns or any form of ammunition unless if they get a license for it .The regulations for getting a license are very strict .Black people are also excluded from getting guns because they believe they will use it for crime.

However while black people are being denied ammunition all other races are armed .Whites have guns , the indians have guns and even foreigners have guns.This is why everytime when something goes wrong local black people are the ones who are always left for dead because they cant defend themselves.

Its time black people start having ammunition also to protect themselves .All other races have guns .Why should black people be left without protection .Things are about to get worse in South Africa especially since our Government has left borders open .More illegal immigrants are yet to come here and commit crimes and you cant be caught without protection.The SAPS have proven that they are not able to protect their citizens .

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