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Theft robbery

Do you still remember how cool it was walking like this in the earlier 2000's? Stunned. See photos.

We having a picture that has been spread on the internet lately. The picture got the eyes of so many people that uses Twitter an other social media platforms. It's not anyone that can say they have seen this kind of things happening. Social media people are relating to what they are seeing. 

Photo: Facebook.

It was a bit tough back in the days when you have to remove your tape, everytime you get out of your car. People were doing all of that people there was people that used to open cars, an then they remove the tape to sell it. 

Photo: Facebook.

Everyone knew that it was something they used to do. Thieves were targeting cars that has tapes, an then they take it because there is nothing they can take besides it. People used to buy them because they used to be expensive at the shops. 

Photo: Facebook

People with cars used to make sure they get off with their tapes, because if not they will not find it where they left it. It shows that thieves were always doing anything in their power to get what they wanted always. 

Photo: Facebook.

People didn't wanted to loose their tapes, that's why they were always making sure they are having them out. You cannot leave it while you know it will be stolen by the time you come back. People with cars were not safe by that time. 

Photo: Facebook.

That time everyone with a car was forced to make a garage, that will make sure his car is safe an no one can gets to touch it. Some people are cruel, they would even steal something that it's not necessary for them to. 

Photo: Facebook.

They were forced to do that, because so many people have been loosing theirs by that time. They were making sure they steal your tape, an they are living no evidence so you won't have no access to get where they might be. 

Photo: Facebook.

There was no way they could have left their cars with the tapes in, because they would regret it when they come back to their cars. This whole thing shows that crimes doesn't start in the years if today, it has many years operating. 

Photo: Facebook.

Some people are even proud of being thugs, it's like they don't know how dangerous is to do something they are bragging about. There is no one with a good mentality that can brag about being a thief. 

Photo: Facebook.

They are out there doing as they want, because they have realized there is no one that can stop them from doing what they want. It's like they don't see that sometimes they are hurting other people's feelings in other way. 

Photo: Facebook.

At least now it has stopped, but they have came with another method of stealing things. Unemployment rate is higher in South Africa that's why people from there, are sometimes taking crime as a job, something they can use to put bread on the table.

Photo: Facebook.

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