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Lady warned people about noodles after she saw this

When the news of children dying from noodles in Eastern Cape broke, people began to make assumptions that, they might have purchased the noodles form Somalian's, since Somalian's have been accused of selling fake and expired goods.

Another news broke that, Mpumalanga children also died from noodles, however the department conducting an investigation, urged people not to make assumptions with no concrete evidence and they also said, they will not divulge the brand of noodles until they have their facts straight.

Those incidences seem to have made people vigilant as a lady showed how her noodles looked like and urged people to be careful when preparing noodles.

"Be careful when preparing noodles", she wrote with a snap of noodles

" If you have noodles, put those noodles aside. Health department it's investigating circumstances around the deaths of five children who died after eating noodles. The department says it can't mention the brand's of noodles for now, to avoid lawsuit if they are wrong", read a statement

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