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Enyobeni Tragedy : The NYDA Has Revealed This Information Regarding Alcohol

JOHANNESBURG - A massive alcohol lobby is responsible for the deaths of 21 teenagers at Enyobeni tavern. It is believed that many young people learn about alcohol through advertisements and it's even worse that the alcohol is made to look like something which is good which causes teenagers to also be encouraged to buy and drink it. The National Youth Development Agency believes that it is for the best in order for the youth to abstain from drinking alcohol and it will be also nice if parents also act responsible in curbing such from happening.

This is being done to prevent further tragedies from happening and it will help in many things like gender-based violence as well because women and children are always being abused by men who drink and take out their frustrations on them. This could be aware that will reduce the intake of alcohol but will it is a problem that many youths are already engaged in such activities therefore police should also ensure that they write taverns in order to prevent young people from entering them and drinking alcohol.

There are many tavern owners who are both profit and care less about the lives of young people which is why they are always letting young people enter the taverns and drink without even checking their ages. It is quite clear that they are not concerned about the harm that alcohol or being in a tavern that is to children but profit only which is why something needs to be done to prevent this from happening. The government should also ensure that club owners who are found letting children inside their clubs are arrested, because at the end of the day banning alcohol advertisement will not solve the problem if the main sources are not stopped from selling them to children.

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