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6 Years Old Boy Disappeared on His Way to School, 33 Years Later, Man Confesses

When Etan Patz was six years old, he lived in Manhattan with his mother Julie, the creator of a day care inside their apartment, and his father Stanley Patz. Etan Patz was a nice little kid.

He had a good childhood, thanks to his two younger brothers and his supportive parents. Although Etan's family was going about their regular routine, one day Etan insisted on attending school by himself, and Julie permitted it. Unfortunately, after that fateful evening, no more sign of the youngster could be located.

There were no leads as to why the child had vanished without a trace. After 33 years, a startling revelation was made that left everyone speechless. Etan Patz, a 6-year-old boy, was last seen on May 25th, 1979, in Brooklyn, New York. He had on blue pants, a blue shirt, a cap, and matching sneakers. Eventually, it was discovered that Etan had failed to arrive at school; hours elapsed before Julie grew concerned about his whereabouts.

After that, she called 911 and the cops were dispatched right away. It was only after the parents' innocence was proven that the authorities began a thorough inquiry into their abduction. The missing 6-year-old was being hunted by a swarm of police dogs and officers.

As a result of Stanley's work as a professional photographer, missing Etan's fliers quickly became viral. The disappearance of Etan has raised concerns about the protection of the public's children. On May 25th, the anniversary of Etan's abduction, President Obama proclaimed it "National Missing Children Day."

Etan's parents had already given up hope as the years passed without any new information about his whereabouts.

Assisting United States Attorney Stuart R. Grabois in the investigation brought him closer than ever to solving the case of the missing kid. Etan vanished without a trace, according to rumours about a guy named Jose Ramos. Aside from his criminal record, which included many sexual assault convictions, Ramos confesses to knowing everything about Etan's abduction. The fact that Ramos had brought Etan to his apartment, attacked the child, and then left was never used against him in any way when it came to the case of Etan's abduction.

Etan was pronounced legally dead in 2001 since there was no fresh lead or proof. Until the 24th of May 2012, one of the police officers came out with a surprising revelation. On May 25, 1979, Pedro Hernandez, a New Jersey native who had worked in Etan's neighbourhood at a clothing shop, confessed to kidnapping and murdering the 6-year-old child.

Pedro was charged with a second degree murder despite the lack of physical proof. In the 1980s, a guy allegedly confessed to a murder for which he was being investigated. Pedro's trial was extremely complex, as his attorneys claim that he only confessed under duress (Force).

In light of this, do you believe the mother was justified in allowing her 6-year-old to go to school by herself?

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