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Police Officer Arrested For Stealing

South African citizens must be concerned right now as we continue to hear of more and more cases of police officers who are being arrested after they have committed crimes. The latest arrest of a member of the South African Police Services (SAPS) comes from the North West province. The arrested police officer has been accused of allegedly stealing a bumper from an impounded vehicle inside the police premises. The arrested officer has been reported to be with two other accomplices when they proceeded in this crime.

According to the Sowetan News Paper the arrested suspects are from the ages of 24 to 39 years of age, and the accomplices are Motlamedi Lekalake who is the youngest, and the eldest is Jabufor Ngwa who has been identified as a foreign national, and it's unfortunate for him that he committed crime in a foreign country. The police officer is 26 year old man who has been identified as Constable Meshack Masiza, and according to the report the trio were caught red handed when they proceeded in this crime.

Constable Meshack Masiza has allegedly lied to the on duty security officer when he told him that he was on duty when he entered the vehicle safeguarding section, and just when they thought that they got away from their act of crime the on duty officer acted on his hunch as he decided to report this suspicious incident to the senior police officers at the station. The three suspects have already met their day in court and the officer and Lekalake are out on R500 bail each, Jabufor Ngwa's residence status is still being processed through the Home Affairs system as he remains in custody.

If the security guard might have failed to report the incident he could have been the one who was suspected of such a crime, he did an excellent thing for reporting the Constable, and unfortunately for the suspects they were caught with their pants down as they changed a bumper of an impounded vehicle as they fitted it on the suspects vehicle. It can be speculated that Constable Meshack Masiza could have sold this car part to the owner of the vehicle. An act like this is most likely to have happened before and this time around bad luck struck Masiza as he was caught red handed and now he is in trouble with the law.

(Source: Sowetan)

Content created and supplied by: Sandile_Mlangeni (via Opera News )

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